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We bought our first pigs in 2009, and they were Yorkshires.  My husband and I were so excited at the idea of all the bacon in our future.  And pork chops.  And ham sam’iches.  Not to mention the thrill of adding a new animal to our farm.  We were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, as they say.

Well, that lasted about four hours once we actually had them in our possession.  And by day seven, all the romanticizing was gone. Over the following years, we would try three more breeds of pig, and each time be left feeling the same way:  “I’d so much rather buy my pork than raise it!”

And then we heard about Kunekunes…

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It can be a scary feeling when you walk outside to feed your sweet little kune kune, and out of the blue you notice that your piglet has developed a cough.