Kids and KuneKunes

Sometimes I forget that my little farm, and everything it includes, isn’t exactly ‘the norm’ for most people.I’m reminded when, in passing conversation with the ladies at church, I mention something about how Currie gave me a fuss that morning at the milk station; or when the kids and I are standing in line to check out at the grocery store, and I suddenly remember to tell them we forgot to let the chickens out of the coop; or when we have family over for dinner, and as I’m finishing up in the kitchen, I make a quick apology that I didn’t get to make the dessert I wanted because I hadn’t had time to whip up the butter needed for it. It’s in the faces I see when these things are said; the look of, “I don’t really know how to respond to that.” That’s when I remember.

My kids will definitely have special, but unique memories of their childhood. And honestly, I love it for them. One of the things I love about their daily lives is their interaction with all the farm animals. Depending on the season, the boys separate the calves from their mommas each night; the girls check the coop for eggs every morning; we all take turns bottle feeding, if we have an animal in need of it. It’s just wonderful, everything they are learning and appreciating. Plus it’s fun!

And let me tell ya, my kids LOVE our Kunekune pigs! They get especially excited when we have a new litter that has arrived. They will spend the next few months laughing every time they start rubbing on the piglets’ bellies, only to watch the piglets fall over on their sides, as if to say “A little to the left…” It just never gets old…even for me! It’s impossible not to smile when it happens. And the thing I love about Kunekunes, that’s unlike any other pig I’ve ever been around, is the fact that they are so friendly with the kids. My 1 year old likes to play with the ears of my oldest sow, and my 3 year old likes to pull on the tail of my oldest boar. And the pigs never seem to even notice. It’s precious! I love the fact that I can tell my kids to go play in the field, and have absolutely zero worries about their safety around the animals. I’ve added a short video below showing a few clips of our kids with some of the Kunekunes. I hope you’ll watch it and see how wonderful these animals are, not just as livestock, but as part of the makings of a wonderful farm life!!


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