My Love for…Garlic

Garlic is incredible, wouldn’t you agree?!  I mean, it’s absolutely a necessary spice to keep in the pantry of anyone with taste buds, definitely, but I’m not so much talking about garlic-the-spice as much as I’m talking about garlic-the-medicine.

Did you know garlic is an incredibly powerful antibiotic?  Yep, garlic!  In fact, when anyone in our house starts coming down with any sort of sniffle or fever or crud, the first thing I administer is garlic.  It’s one of my immediate go-to’s, along with honey, apple cider vinegar, and echinacea.  Those are kind of my power-house immune system boosters, if you will.

I know multiple people who chew and/or swallow a clove of garlic every day as a sort of an illness preventative.  You’re probably thinking what my first thought was, and let me ease your mind and tell you that no, they don’t wreak of any pungent garlic odor!  Not at all.  In fact, if they wouldn’t have told me, I never would have known.

The more I learn about garlic’s medicinal uses, the more I’m just so thankful the Lord supplied us with it.  One day, a man called me up asking if I would take one of his lambs that needed to be bottle fed.  She was the weakest of triplets, and apparently her momma wouldn’t take her.  She had been injured somehow, and had an open wound on her left leg that needed to be attended to.  As far as either of us knew, that was the extent of her health problems.  I told him I would love to take her; I was getting more milk than I needed from my dairy cow, so feeding her wouldn’t cost me anything but time.

My kids and I were so excited once we got her home.  We named her Rosabelle, and over the next several weeks, we bandaged and cared for her leg, and took turns feeding her every day.  Her leg healed up perfectly, and she loved the fresh milk she was getting.  Everything seemed to be going wonderfully, until after about 2 weeks.  That’s when we noticed she began acting more lethargic, and even looking a little sickly.  Her appetite never slacked off, but she would lay around most of the time, and she even began losing patches of hair.  I checked under her eyelids, and what I saw was ghost white tissue.  That confirmed to me that she had worms, and that if it wasn’t treated, she would most likely die.  The hair loss and scabbing made me think she may have mites as well.  So I got to work on her.

Over the next couple of weeks we gave her several baths, totally submerging her in water, except for her face, and then scrubbing on her.  We were sure to keep her body under water for several minutes every time.  After each bath, we gave her a full body scrub with diatomaceous earth.  We would rub it into her coat and on her skin, completely covering her as best we could.  This was to kill off any parasites that were in/on her skin.

To rid her of the worms, can you guess what I turned to?  Garlic!  I began giving her a heaping teaspoon of minced garlic by mouth every day, just before feeding her.  She never seemed to mind the taste at all.  After a few days of daily garlic doses, I began giving it only every other day, and then about twice a week.  The results were almost immediate!  Within the first few days of treatment, her energy was coming back, and her belly didn’t seem unusually swollen.  By the end of the first week, the color was back in the tissue under her eyelids; that’s when I knew she was going to be ok.  In no time, her skin parasites were totally gone, and she was totally worm-free.  She was now a healthy, active little lamb, always running along side the kids when they played outside.  It was such an amazing feeling to go from the worry that she might die, to seeing her bounce back 100%!  And what I love is that it didn’t require the first prescription or injection.  It was totally accomplished with the resources we all have at our fingertips.  I love it!

Today, Rosabelle is still a very healthy, and extremely friendly sheep.  She sits with me every morning while I milk, nudging my arms so that I’ll occasionally take a break and pet her.  Sometimes, she likes to nibble on my shirt sleeve or paw at my leg, all attempts at getting me to pay more attention to her than the milking.  She’s definitely part of what makes my mornings such a good start to each day!  So, I’ll end the way I started…Garlic is incredible, wouldn’t you agree?!

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