September 2019 – Crocheting

This class was one that I, personally, was so looking forward to. I recently got some fiber sheep, and I have every intention in the world of using the fiber I get from them to make all sorts of wearable things for my family. And, as I often do, I’ve sort of gone about everything in the wrong order. A sane person might learn to crochet first, and then get the animals needed. Me on the other hand? Well, I’m looking out at my 4 beautiful fiber sheep walking through my pasture right now, so we have established that I’ve sorta ‘jumped the gun’ on this one. But it’s September, and I don’t have to shear them until May of next year…I’ve got plenty of time. Yes, I hear some of you chuckling. I’m even laughing a little on the inside. Experience has taught me that I better get to learning fast, and not rely on said ‘time.’ May will be here before we know it.

But I digress. This article is about September’s Homemaking Skill Set class, crocheting. And it was a wonderful start to my ‘learning to crochet’ journey. And I wasn’t alone. Several women there were in my same shoes (minus the four fiber sheep staring at them from outside the window). Lots of ladies, young and old alike, came hoping to learn this wonderful skill. And what made things so great was that just as many women who came were already capable crocheters. So, it was really as though there were lots of mini-classes going on, with each of those being very ‘one-on-one.’ And when it comes to these sorts of skills, one-on-one teaching is invaluable.

I loved this class, and I love that, after going through it, I feel confident that I can get decent enough at it to actually put it to use for the sake of my family. It feels do-able, which I love.  These are some pictures I was able to snap from the class.  I love the diversity in ages!  It just makes my heart swell to see these things.

Now, to find a spinning wheel before May….


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