October 2019: Candy Making

Where do I even begin?  This class was truly as fun as it was delicious.  Over the last few months, we’ve gotten a little slack about starting right at 6:00…it’s usually closer to about 6:10.  And that’s because, over this last year, we’ve all developed friendships with each other; as soon as we see each other, the conversations just flow.  Ladies are bringing in their finger foods and potluck style dishes, while their youngest children are running past them to meet up with the other children already at play in the yard.  Everyone is met by big smiling faces and hugs to match.  It’s just a warm feeling.  And last night, we had several women that came for the first time, but to an outsider looking in, you never would’ve known it.  Because that’s how this group of women is.  Just welcoming and loving and happy to be here, with each other.  So, it’s actually a great reason for not being the most punctual group around.

Well, you mix that kind of atmosphere with about 30lbs of sugar, and you’ve got yourself a good time!  We had a bowl of homemade hard-candy samples waiting by the front door as the ladies arrived, and that was just the tip of the iceberg!  Before you knew it, baggies had been passed out containing all of the goodies that we were going to be learning how to make that night:  chocolate fudge, white fudge, cranberry fudge, and peanut brittle!  And they were so delicious!!!

The actual class started off with each table making it’s own batch of hard candy.  So many women had never done it before, and everyone was amazed at how easy it was!  Each table made a different flavor, and then shared so that everyone got to take home some of each.  So we also ended up with baggies of cinnamon, strawberry, and orange hard candy, to name a few.  And the candy was so beautiful, to top it all off!

After the hard candy, we watched and learned as the instructor showed us how to make different types of fudge, as well as peanut brittle.  She shared so many helpful tips, and made it look so easy to prepare such delicacies!  She was just wonderful.  I’m definitely planning to put her recipes to use for the upcoming holidays!

And as always, the class ended with an open buffet and lots of fellowship.  I mean, does it get any better than this?  I’m so thankful for these classes, and all the women who come.  I’m already looking forward to next month!


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  1. Absolutely! I actually just released next year’s schedule! I plan to add a post about it today, and I will email it to you directly, as well. We would be happy to have you!

    admin says:
  2. Would like to know more about your homemaking skill set classes for next year.

    Michelle Rice says:
  3. Wonderful night of fun, food, fellowship and fudge!!!😀I think I’m still on a sugar high!

    Cynthia Smith says:

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