November 2019: Cake Decorating

This class was, without a doubt, my personal favorite.  If I had to guess why, it would be because it was  a mix of 40+ pounds of icing and the culmination of a year’s worth of friendships that had been forged.  I don’t know, but when you mix that much sugar with that much friendship, and you throw in the fact that in the background, there’s a soft glow from Christmas lights and nativity scenes reminding us of the season in which we give thanks for the birth of our Lord, it seems like the result can only be “bliss.”  And it was!


Women brought bare cakes or cupcakes to the class, and from there it was all decorating fun.  We had a variety of icing tips to try out, and everyone had some wax paper on which they could practice before beginning to ice their cake.  The instructor was wonderful, showing us different techniques and giving us different ideas for festive cakes.  Mostly, though, she gave us the confidence to jump in and do it…which I appreciated so much!  One thing she said that was so encouraging was, “No one knows what you have in mind for the finished look.  So if it doesn’t come out exactly like you originally planned, that’s ok!  It will still be great to everyone!”


This was yet another class where you would find an 11 year-old icing her first cake, while she was sitting across from a 55 year-old woman who was icing her very first cake as well.  I love those times.  It’s just so neat to me.  We had some women who had brought a cake to decorate for their husband or their grandchild because they had birthdays in the days following.  I loved that it worked out that way!


Here are some pictures from the class.  I made sure to snap a picture of everyone with their finished cake at the end of the night, and I’m so glad that I did!  They really turned out so great!!


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