May 2019: Soap Making

Soap is one of those things where I always find myself wondering how in the world anyone ever figured it out.  It’s the same thing I think every time I make mayonnaise…it just baffles me.  But somehow these things have been being made for thousands of years, and I’m doing my best to carry it on.

This class was a mix of emotions for me.  On the one hand, it was so neat and exciting as we watched a few different ingredients transform into beautiful bars of soap.  On the other hand, there were times where I felt overwhelmed with all of the different ways it seemed like I could mess it all up, if left to do it on my own.  But what I learned in the end helped comfort me:  A basic bar of soap can be made pretty easily, and the process is somewhat forgiving, especially if you have a tested and proven recipe.  All of the stuff that makes the process seem overwhelming is actually only optional.  Things like colorants, patterns, fragrances, and herbal additives…these things are for more advanced and experienced soap makers.  Maybe one day soon I will get there, but for now, I’m just tickled pink that I’ve been able to make a bar of soap that lathers up really well, and didn’t give any of us 3rd degree burns while we showered!  Yes, my standards are pretty low for now…but it’s got me feeling like a success!

During this month’s class, we watched as the instructor made several molds of lavender soap, from start to finish.  We discussed various oils that could be used, and the benefits to each.  She gave us great tips on what fragrances to use, and where we could buy them for a decent price.  She showed us how to make bars of soap that were two-toned, and we made them look even prettier by topping our bars with dried lavender seeds.  In the end, the soaps could’ve been sold in any boutique in the country, they were so pretty.  It was a lot of fun, and it’s got me looking forward to continuing my own personal soap-making journey!

Here are some pictures from this month’s class:

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