March 2019: Sewing and Handstitching

This month’s class was a special one for me, but I will get to the reason for that in just a minute. First, I want to talk about the skill we learned: sewing! Now, I’ll admit, with this being the first year for hosting these classes, there are inevitably bumps that will happen along the way…which requires everyone in the class to just have one of those “roll-with-the-punches” kind of mentalities. And this month was one of those times. See, even though I am the one who scheduled the classes, and our farm is the one hosting them, make no mistake: I am as much of a beginner on most of the topics as everyone else who attends! So, when I scheduled ‘sewing and hand stitching,’ I didn’t realize that those two topics should be treated as two separate classes! There’s just SO much to learn with each of them! The ladies who were here for the class, though, took it in stride. They’re AMAZING! We did get to learn a lot about how to use a pattern, and some tips on forming ruffles and sewing on buttons, too. We learned about measuring seams, and how to identify the ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ sides of solid-color fabrics. We actually covered A LOT. However, we didn’t get much time learning to hand stitch or actually work a sewing machine. But now we know, and next year we will be making it two separate classes! However, the class was still a HUGE success; here are some of the pictures from that night!

Looking through them, it makes me think about how I just love my time with these ladies! They are so great. Remember at the beginning of this post I said that this month’s class was a special one to me? Well, to really explain why, I have to go back about 9 years ago…(Steven just loves when I start explaining myself by going back years at a time) Please read that last line with a heavy dose of sarcasm in the tone!

It was nearing the end of 2010, and I was just a couple month’s away from delivering our twins. At this time in our lives, Steven and I were not a part of any church and didn’t have much in the way of ‘friends.’ I don’t mean to say that we felt deprived in any way; our life (we thought) was full, but it was just filled with our little growing family unit.

So here I was, about to deliver twins, and my step-mother and step-sister wanted to throw me a baby shower. I thought it was incredibly nice of them, and when the day arrived, I walked in the room and was blown away with how much effort they had put in. The theme was “Two Peas in a Pod,” and it was so cute!! I could tell they had worked really hard, and put in a lot of thought.

As the time got closer for everyone to start arriving, they had me sit in a designated chair that they had placed for me. So I sat there, and we all made small talk while we waited. Well, the time for the party came, and there were still no guests. So we waited and chit-chatted some more. 15 minutes later, still no guests. 30 minutes later, still no guests. After about 45 minutes, we all pretty much accepted that no one was coming. I felt so bad for them, after all the work they had put in. And I could tell they felt bad for me, too. So we made the most of it, but I could tell how disappointed they were.

The reason I bring that story up is because March’s sewing class was actually rescheduled and pushed back a week from the originally planned date because Steven and I delivered our newest baby earlier in the month, a beautiful little girl we named Nazareth. Well, the day of the class came, and I was excited to see everyone and show them our precious little gift; but I really hadn’t put a whole lot more thought into it than that. In the minutes leading up to start time, everything seemed totally normal; we were all greeting each other and hugging and laughing. Ladies were bringing in different dishes they had prepared, and everyone was just getting ready for the class to begin. Or so I thought. I still have no idea how I missed everything that was going on!

Once it was time for class to start, I did as I always do and get everyone’s attention to let them know we are about to get going. So I started in on welcoming everyone, and then one of the ladies interrupted me and asked me to look across the room. I looked to where she was pointing, and there was a stack of gifts for baby Nazareth! I took in a deep breath and almost immediately got teary-eyed. Then they brought up a beautiful homemade, hand-decorated pink and white cake that one of the ladies made for the celebration. And that’s when I couldn’t help but to tear up even more. The ladies had TOTALLY surprised me with a baby shower! I was just so touched at their kindness. And to see their faces; how excited they were to give me these gifts…it just got right to my heart!!! Just 3 months ago, most of us were strangers, and now, here they were, loving me and my family enough to do this. I just can’t explain what was going through my mind and heart in those moments. And still is.

It made me think of the Bible verse, John 10:10, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

I know that this verse applies in other ways, too, but the reason I thought of it is because Steven and I were saved a couple of years after we had the twins. And it wasn’t until after we got saved that we even realized how much more full our life became as a result. Having a personal relationship with God adds more to a person’s life than can even be put into words. If you’re a saved person, you know exactly what I mean. To look at the before and after of being saved, it’s like explaining empty vs. full, or incomplete vs. complete. Partiality vs. fullness. Love.

From the time that the Lord saved Steven and I, the increase of all the things that make life truly good has been incredible. We’ve always had an amazing marriage and relationship, but even that has become so much more. Our fulfillment as parents has, too! Jesus has given us the most wonderful family, full and loving. He blessed us with a church, and with friends like we’ve never had. And through all of that, He led us to begin these classes, where I have now formed what I sincerely believe will be some life-long friendships. He just continues to add goodness and fullness to our lives, beyond the fact that He has given us the richest blessing of all: the promise of eternal life with Him. We truly have been given ‘life more abundantly,’ and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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