June 2019: Herbs and Home Remedies

“He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the earth…Psalm 104:14”

      This was the first thing that the instructor said when she stood before everyone to begin our Herbs and Home Remedies class…and I just loved that.  Now, how would I sum up this month’s class?  Well, in a word: IN-FOR-MA-TIVE!  And with everything we covered, we only just scratched the surface on the topic as a whole….there’s just so much that can be learned when it comes to herbs.  So what the instructor did was perfect:  we focused on just a handful of herbs that are common in our yards and pantries.

      We talked about garlic (which ya’ll know I’ve already professed my love for), cayenne, cinnamon and ginger.  We also talked about how to use these things medicinally, whether as a tincture, a salve, or even just in cooking/food preparation.

      To end the class, we went for a short walk around the yard while the instructor showed us how to identify medicinal plants like plantain and dandelion!  It was so neat to learn that anytime you’re dealing with a bee sting or even poison ivy, all you need to do is grab some of the plantain growing in your yard, chew on it for a second, and then apply it to the affected area!  It takes the sting/itch away!  And since learning this, I’ve already had several opportunities to use that remedy, and it’s worked wonderfully!  Amazing!!

      One of the biggest take-aways from the class for me was this:

                *When you’re using an herbal remedy, if at all possible, use it internally AND externally.  For example, if you’re fighting inflammation in your back, us a salve on the area, but also take the herb in tea/tincture form.  It’ll knock out your issues faster!

      I loved so much about this class…here are some pictures I managed to take when I wasn’t jotting down my mountain of notes:


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