July 2019: Mayonnaise, Brown Sugar, Yogurt, and More

This was another class that I got the privilege of teaching, and I’ve got to be honest: I was nervous about it! When it comes to things like yogurt, some people have very particular preferences. Same goes for mayonnaise and even chocolate syrup, which are some other things we made. So I kind of feared that I had set myself up for failure in a way, by offering to teach the way we do it around here. But the night of the class came, and it didn’t take long for me to realize my fears couldn’t have been more unfounded. The women who showed up were incredibly gracious and so uplifting! They bragged and bragged on how good the yogurt tasted, and how addictive the chocolate syrup would become to them. They seemed amazed at how simple it is to make brown sugar and butter. The whole night was such a wonderful success. I am, once again, so thankful for this opportunity that the Lord has blessed us with. Here are a few pictures from this month’s Homemaking Skill Sets Class:



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