The Best {Basic} Slaw Recipe

Slaw is one of those things where less is so much more. Less ingredients = Perfection. If you haven’t already, read Life Lessons that Started with Slaw to find out exactly how I came to learn this very valuable truth!


1 Large head of fresh cabbage

1 Handful of baby carrots, or 1-2 whole carrots, depending on their size

About ½ cup of mayonnaise. Use more if necessary to reach the right consistency.

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste




Large Mixing Bowl

Large Mixing Spoon



1.) Cut up your head of cabbage into large chunks. Discard the very bottom stem portion, but use everything else.

2.) Blend. It will probably take at least 2 uses of the blender to get everything blended. In the first round, I do all cabbage. Blend until there are no large chunks, only small bits and shreds. You’ll probably have to pause and shake the cabbage around inside the blender, and then restart the blending to ensure you get everything. Dump that into your mixing bowl, and then blend the remaining cabbage and carrots, along with any chunks that may have escaped in the first blending. Do this until everything in the second batch is also nothing more than small bits and shreds. Dump it all into the mixing bowl.

3.) Scoop out about ½ cup of mayonnaise, sprinkle your salt and pepper (I recommend starting out with about two teaspoons of each, and going from there. Always better to need more added than to be stuck with a dish that tastes like you dropped the salt shaker in it!)

4.) Stir everything together until it’s well-mixed. You want your slaw to be sufficiently moist. You don’t want dry slaw, so if it looks like your cabbage and carrots aren’t quite held together by the amount of mayonnaise you’ve added, add a little more, about a heaping spoonful at a time. How much total mayonnaise you need will just depend on the size of the head of cabbage you had to begin with. You also don’t want your slaw to taste like pure mayonnaise, with bits of cabbage in it. Add just enough that everything comes together and isn’t dry at all.

5.) TASTE IT! See if it needs a little more salt. I don’t worry about the pepper as much; but the salt is important. Add about a teaspoon at a time until it tastes just right.

6.) Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


  1. Moms slaw has been in the Williams family as far back as I can remember. It does seem basic, but there’s just something about the way she does it that makes it perfect!

    Gramaw says:

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