August 2019: Canning

Canning is one of those subject matters that can be as intriguing as it is overwhelming or worrisome.  A lot of people fear canning, especially pressure canning.  But, thanks to the help of our incredible instructor, that fear has been replaced with a healthy respect, by way of education and attention to detail.

This class was so helpful, especially to me.  I learned so much!  For example, I finally found the reason that so much of my water evaporates out of my jars during the canning process!  This was a years-long-mystery-solved sorta thing! (And in case you’re wondering, it has everything to do with the heat.  If your heat source is set to too high of a temperature, then the water will inevitably evaporate out.  Your heat should be just hot enough that the ‘jiggler’ (or ‘pressure regulator’, for you smarter folks out there) alternates between jigglin’ and resting during the canning process.  If it’s jiggling continually, then your heat source is turned up too high.)  Genius, right?!  And that’s just one of the nuggets I took away from this class.  There were plenty more.

During class, as we canned a batch of tomatoes from start to finish, we also played several games to give away door prizes.  Of course, this was one of the most fun aspects of the class, for me.  We got to give away some canning tools, 2 dozen jars, several canning recipe books, a water bath canner, and even a pressure canner!  There were several ladies who left with more than they came with, which is always wonderful!

So, in addition to being informative, the class was a lot of fun as well.  And I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who walked away feeling that way!  Here are a few pictures I managed to take during the class:


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