Aluminum Foil: The Other Dryer Sheet

I love, love, love little bits of helpful ideas…and it’s just a cherry on top when they’re super simple, super easy, and super effective.  This, my friend, is one of those ideas–with a cherry on top!


When you’re in a pinch and find yourself without a box of dryer sheets, and you don’t really feel like making a special trip to the store for them, you’re still able to avoid that static cling that we all hate in our clothing.  Just walk right over to your pantry, because chances are, you’ve got all you need sitting right there.


Just take out some aluminum foil, crumple it up into a loose ball, and toss it in the dryer with your clothes!  They’ll come out as good as they would if there had been a dryer sheet in there!


The reason you want the ball to be loose is because the greater the surface area, the better the ball will do at removing the static.  After your load is dried, you will see that the ball has been somewhat compacted.  You can just loosen it up a little, and toss it back in with the next load!  Yes, it’s reusable!


After several loads, you may find it too difficult to loosen the aluminum ball, and you may decide to either toss it, or set it aside for later use.  Then, you can make a new ball to be used for several more cycles.  When that one is tight, set it aside as well.  After you have a few balls like this, you can then use them all together in one load, and they’ll do the job of one loosely crumpled ball!


Now, if you’d like to tell your husband that you can’t do laundry until you go to the store next week, because you’re out of dryer sheets, then I’ll never tell.  Your secret is safe with me!  But otherwise, there you have it:  A quick fix to being out of dryer sheets!

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