A Farmhouse Breakfast!

There are some things that are just GOOD. Just soooooo good. And this is one of them. This is one of those breakfasts that you want to serve on a lazy Saturday morning, or when you’ve got family coming in for the holidays. It’s that kind of good. Just….mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm. I hope you’ll try it; it’s such a hit here at our farm, and I’m positive it will be for you too!



The Best Breakfast Biscuits from Scratch

Momma’s Breakfast Sausage Gravy

Scrambled eggs (plan for about 2 per person), seasoned with salt and pepper to taste

Butter for buttering your biscuits

Freshly shredded cheese (whichever kind you prefer; we like cheddar)


Optional: Fry up some bacon, and then roughly chop it into large chunks to top it all off. Bacon only makes things better!



  1. Cook your biscuits, gravy and scrambled eggs (cook your bacon as well, if you intend to add it at the end).
  2. On each person’s plate, open up a hot biscuit and put about ½ tablespoon slice of butter on each half.
  3. Top the biscuit with a heaping amount of scrambled eggs.
  4. Top the eggs and biscuit with the sausage gravy.
  5. Top all of it with freshly shredded cheese.
  6. To make it even better, top the cheese with chunks of bacon.

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